We know, we know! Mr. Modi had turned our lives upside down overnight with just one sweeping move. Even if we have a lot of money stacked up in our banks, we just can’t get our hands on it! As a result, you must be feeling really aggressive or helpless, but fret not - for it’s the digital age and the time for e-wallets has begun in full swing! 

So e-wallets are online portals or apps, wherein you can stack up all your money and do transactions through ‘em. Here we’ve shortlisted the best 5 e-wallet apps that will help you go cashless fearlessly! Scroll (and download) away.

1. Paytm

One of the mostly widely known and popular apps is undoubtedly Paytm. All you have to do is register your phone number and email address. Fill up your e-wallet with your credit card or debit card and you’re all set to use it wherever you go. With a fully charged Paytm wallet, you’re a free cashless bird. 

Pssst - you can even use it on your innumerable Uber trips without worrying about any cash changing hands!

Check Them Out Here | https://paytm.com
Download Their Android App | http://bit.ly/1r2vXWJ

Download Their iOS App | http://apple.co/2d7yrzX

2. MobiKwik

Hunting for a cashless way to recharge, pay electricity/water bills? You can use this wallet at some of the top-most haunts like Big Bazar, BookMyShow, Swiggy, Domino’s, Burger King and oh, so many more. They also give you cashbacks on mostly every transaction, which is pretty cool. So go login to MobiKwik and shop away - cashlessly!

Check Them Out Here | https://www.mobikwik.com/offers
Download Their Android App | http://bit.ly/1tEPSh9
Download Their iOS App | http://apple.co/1hdEP3v

3. Walnut

This is undoubtedly one app for all your bank accounts and endless credit/debit cards. The app feeds your SMS inbox with important information about your spending, bills and tickets in order to help you make the most of your money. You can also transfer money to your friends, pay your Visa card bills and the like, all with just a click! The best bit is that their newest feature helps you find the nearest #ATMWithCash. How cool is that?! 

Check Them Out Here | http://www.getwalnut.com/
Download Their Android App | http://bit.ly/1tys53h
Download Their iOS App | http://apple.co/2giMWGS

4. Citrus Pay

Anyone who has a phone number or an email address can have access to this e-wallet. Be it dinners, parties, paying friends or getting paid, Citrus Pay has your back! You can easily split canteen, movie, dinner bills etc with your fellas, and that too without any hassle. The app already has a number of users, which is a big bonus as it’ll be easier to split the check!

Check Them Out Here | http://www.citruspay.com/
Download Their Android App | http://bit.ly/1mEE1Jj
Download Their iOS App | http://apple.co/2hrRNSg

5. Chillr

Need to send money instantly to someone without knowing their account number? Well, Chillr helps you do this and tons more. Adding to the long list of situations when Chillr helps you, it also aids you in getting your phone & DTH recharge done in a jiffy. Also, they make sure that your security stays intact, which is of course super important! 

Check Them Out Here | https://chillr.com/
Download Their Android App | http://bit.ly/1FE5qcg
Download Their iOS App | http://apple.co/1NAjHaw

Now that we’ve given you the best e-wallet apps to download, you can fearlessly roam around cashless *swagger-ful smiles*!