For all those who’re on a look out for a breather from the hustle bustle of the city life, how does the idea of a yoga retreat in Parvati Valley make you feel? If you’re grinning from ear to ear then we say scroll on peeps ‘cause this is something you’re defo gonna love! 

Yoga In The Hills | If you love the idea of sitting in the lap of the majestic Parvati Valley, with your eyes closed and the cool breeze brushing your face, then you’re gonna love the Anitya Himalayan Yoga Retreat! 

These guys are taking a group of 10 yoga enthusiasts for an immersive yoga retreat in the picturesque Himalayas *heart eyes*! The aim is to basically do nothing but feel lighter and bond with the vibrant spirits of the mountains *dreamy sighs*. This 4 day retreat not just promises relaxation, but scrummy food, travel to and from Delhi and comfortable accommodation. 

So, breathe in the fresh air and breathe out all your stress! 

P.S - Reserve your spot right away! 

Price Per Head | Rs 27,000
When | 23rd - 27th May
Where | Parvati Valley
Drop An Email Here | [email protected]
Call Them For Reservations |
+91 9023 338 242
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