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Delhi dwellers, did you know that Delhi Government has just announced a revised subsidy scheme on electricity? Nope? Well, since electricity bills are an inevitable (and hefty) part of our expenses, you’ll wanna hear us out! 

What Are The New Rates? | Under this new scheme, power consumption using upto 400 units of electricity will be charged at pay Rs 2 per unit, whereas those consuming 100 units will be given a subsidy of Rs 100 per month on fixed charges. Hmm..not bad! 

And this new subsidy scheme is gonna prove beneficial for around 41 lakh registered connection holders in the city, like you and me! Wow! The government also pointed out that due to revision in the existing power subsidy, the electricity bill will remain the same, or if you’re lucky, it’ll be less!

So people, your electricity bills might not turn out to be bombshells after all post this new scheme. Great move, Delhi Government! 

Sourced Via NDTV