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Ek Do Dhai Will Win You Over With Its Offbeat Merch

These days, the omnipresence of offbeat barware, quirky outfits and playful kitchenware, wherever you go, cannot be understated. However, if you think you're lagging behind on the trend but do not want to shop at the run-of-the-mill brands, then, Ek Do Dhai, a multi disciplinary design studio based in Shahpur Jat, should be your ideal stop!

Absolute Must Haves | Browsing through their collection, we filled up our shopping cart with a vibrant wine rack, Godfather whiskey glasses, a shot glasses thela, a set of coffee mugs and a pair of beer boxers! 

So, whether you're looking to score something out of the box to gift to your friends or a little something to add to your niche space, you can bookmark Ek Do Dhai for your daily dose of quirk.

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