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Earn Rs 50K & Live Your Dream By Working As An Ice Cream Taster At Havmor This Summer!

So Delhi 2 May 2019


Hola, Delhiites! Do you also binge watch taste-review videos and end up wondering by the end of them, what wouldn’t you give to land that job? Well, if so, then this uber-cool summer job will certainly make all your most sinful gluttonous dreams come true! Confused? Keep reading to know what we’re talking about!

Did We Hear A Reward Worth Rs 50K? | All you ice cream lovers must already be acquainted with Havmor, right? The ah-mazing peeps over here have come up with a kickass opportunity called The Coolest Summer Job Season 3 which will not only look good on your CVs but also make your bhukkad souls do the tango! They’re offering a 3-day job wherein you get to go on an all-expenses-paid trip to their ice cream factory in Ahmedabad as the Chief Tasting Officer - cool. 10 selected candidates will not only learn the wonderful art of ice cream making from celebrity chef Saransh Goila but also invent a new flavour and win a chance to earn a reward of Rs 50,000 (wait, what?)!

All you gotta do is apply through the link given below before Saturday, the 25th of May if you’re above 18 years of age. There are just 3 steps in the application process wherein you have to make a 2 minutes video stating why you deserve this job, submit it for review and then share it on social media to get the maximum views - interesting!

Drop everything and submit your applications ASAP, folks because now, your forever demanding tastebuds will bring in the moolah!

Last Date For Submissions | Saturday, 25th May
Apply Online Here |
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