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DU's Just Gotten High-Tech Y'All! They're Launching A Central Attendance App For You

Delhi University just got swankier guys! They’re launching their very own app to monitor students’ attendance which you yourself can have a look at now.

Attendance is a major issue when it comes to DU, and it always happens that by the end of the year students run after their teachers to see how much they’re lagging behind, and now all that’s simply one click away! This app will be a centralized one with all the 68 colleges of DU affiliated to this one particular app.

The university had hired 7 tech engineers to get this app functioning and it’ll be launched right after the admission process ends! This will help the teachers as well as students keep a tab on daily attendance, thus letting them know well in advance about attendance shortage. 

This app will be centralized for all departments as well as all colleges.

Good going DU! 

Sourced Via India Today