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Dumb & Dumber | Delhi Metro To Punish Couples Indulging In Valentine's Day Love @ Metro Stations



The ad hoardings at Delhi’s Metro Stations never fail to amaze us and this time they’ve truly outdone themselves with Valentine-themed ones, oh and they’re not what you think!

So they’ve put up an ad saying that if couples are found celebrating Valentine’s day at any metro station then it’s completely okay for the police to take stringent action against them in return. Wow.

Yet another ad was put up showing that if any love birds spotted will be married off to each other. We never knew couples roaming around together was also a crime! 

And of course, this stupid move was initiated by none other than the one and only item - Asaram Bapu. We’re still quite disappointed with the Delhi metro’s authorities for agreeing to display such hogwash. Not cool guys!

Source | Scoop Whoop