DU readings? Yes. The syllabus of every subject incorporates chunks from a number of books and various photostat shops sell the photocopied, bound ‘readings’ of all those books across both campuses. Now you know what your lecturer meant. Head to these shops to find readings, grab cheaper stationary or get your project typed and printed. 
We have compiled 8 most visited places by DU students in their academic session for their notes and books. Do leave us a comment if we missed any good ones!

Ber Sarai

Though most of the books issues are sorted in North and South Campus of DU, Ber Sarai being near IIT and opposite JNU is a nerd’s paradise. Find here every book you need to go in depth of quantum physics without shelling out thousands. second-hand books are available here at cheap rates. You can also find books to guide you through competitive exams. Also, beat boredom by grabbing hardcover bestsellers for just 200 bucks! Take an auto for Rs 40 from Hauz Khas metro station on yellow line to reach there.

Location | Vedanta Desika Mandir Marg, Ber Sarai, Opp. Old JNU Campus

Shri Shyam Photostat, South Campus

Upon entering the basement, smell of toner powder and new paper reams hit the nose. But the availability of the required readings makes up for the coughs. This shop is famous across all the colleges of DU. Though the readings include solutions, they sell separate notes as well to make up for the bunked lectures and tutorials. Within 400 bucks you can get all the material you need for one subject. They also deliver! Drop a call at +91 96504 80335 or +91 83739 64004. Take an auto for Rs 40 from AIIMS metro station on yellow line to reach there.
Location | 289, LGF, Satya Niketan

Jain Book Shop, South Campus

Near Shri Shyam Photostat is this one-stop shop for all your academic requirements. So whether it is to buy readings or Financial Management books, you know where to head. Being a book depot, they also sell bestsellers, stationary and notebooks. In addition to these, they have a notary for your affidavits as well! They are saviours of many a Venky-ites so do not hesitate asking for help. Call them up at +91 99113 65555. Take an auto for Rs 40 from AIIMS metro station on yellow line to reach there. 
Location | 284, Satya Niketan

Patel Chest

Hop in a rickshaw and ask to be taken to Patel Chest to reach this road opposite Patel Chest Institute which houses an array of Photostat and print shops. Get your notes Xeroxed for just 50 paise per copy. With colour printouts available for just Rs 5 and B&W for Rs 1 per page, these shops do business even during vacations. If you don’t have time to type your project then get it typed, printed and bound here at affordable prices.

Location | Delhi University, North Campus, Vijay Nagar Marg, University Enclave

Crystal Photostat, SRCC (Sri Ram College of Commerce)

Though the incredibly high cut-off of SRCC makes you want to turn from its gates, take a moment to look around and you’ll find Crystal Photostat Shop. The readings are available for every course and every semester and are the cheapest across both campuses. Come back 4 to 6 weeks later with the readings purchased from them for solutions or you won’t get any. If you already have got the solution manuals from your seniors or coaching centres then you can grab the readings here for a pretty cheap deal. Do check for the availability beforehand by calling at +91 98188 32738.
Location | SRCC, Delhi University, North Campus, University Enclave, New Delhi-07

Hindu College

Hindu follows Crystal Photostat’s business model and offers readings ranging between 100 to 200 bucks per subject. Solutions are not available here as well, so Mathematics students take note and go to Shyam Photostat in Satya Niketan instead. Students of other courses can easily get the readings en route Kamla Nagar.
Location | Delhi University, North Campus, University Enclave

Kamla Nagar

No, we’re not talking about food. Shopping neither! In the same lane as your favourite McDonald’s are some book shops which have been around for more than 50 years! So, your lecturer has not sent you on a wild goose chase for that history book. Walk in for both new and second-hand copies of both course books and novels. More often than not, these shops have everything that a DU student needs. If not, then the polite sellers will tell you where to find the book you need.
Location | Bungalow Road, Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar

Nai Sarak, Chawri Bazaar

From that compulsory EVS book to the best books on Finance, you can get all of your course books here. Take a moment to explore this street and only settle for the best prices. Second-hand as well as new books are available here. Grab some stationary for cheaper rates than your local market. Ask your engineer friends to come along and they might find that 1K book here at just 400 bucks! Try out some of your bargaining skills, but be humble, these are books not clothes. Nearest metro station is Chawri Bazaar on yellow line.

Location | Nai Sarak Marg, Ballimaran, Dai Wara, Old Delhi