Delhi University is an elite place to be. It is unarguably the best University in the country and the ever escalating cutoffs drive home the point time and again. The students who get through the rigorous and often tiring admission procedures are the one’s who have burnt the mid-night oil and slogged for months to get that perfect score which would make the DU dream a reality. One of the good things about being in Delhi University is that it is a rewarding place to be and the fresher’s night is one such example.

Fuccha Celebration

If you are not aware of the term fuccha; you are probably living under a rock. Fuccha is a part of the colourful DU lingo and refers to the fresher’s or the first year students and the fresher’s party is a way of welcoming the newest and nervous members of the departments, societies and college under its fold. As an unspoken rule and a matter of tradition, the fresher’s night is associated with the immediate seniors of the new comers and they do go the extra mile to make this day a very special one for their junis.

Official Freshers

Most of the colleges of the University organize departmental fresher which also doubles up as the official fresher’s party. The parties are held more often in the college auditorium and unless your seniors are not a bunch of crashing bores, there is a theme to the celebration. The auditorium is accordingly done up arduously by the seniors who stay well past the college timings to decorate the auditorium. Some of the more popular themes include the ethnic theme, masquerade ball, costume play or cosplay, the Hawaiian beach theme & Bollywood theme apart from other interesting themes that would make the fresher’s party a joyous affair.

Society Freshers

The various societies of Delhi University make it a pool overflowing with talent from various fields. Whether it’s the DebSoc of LSR or the film society of DCAC, getting through their hallowed portals is an achievement in its own and it is thoroughly rewarded by the societies when they have their own fresher’s night.

Double Delight

In recent year’s the trend of unofficial fresher’s have caught up at a fervent pace where the fresher’s party is held at popular lounges and an Entry is charged from anything between Rs 300-800. The seniors and juniors let their hair down amidst pulsating music, lip smacking food and light alcohol. Generally a more relaxed theme is in place and guys and girls turn up looking their best to pose for photographs that would eventually find their way onto Facebook. If you haven’t tried alcohol before, this is NOT the place and time to give it a go as you can very easily end up embarrassing yourselves and leave impressions that would last a long time.

A Larger Goal

The fresher’s party is closely followed by the University elections so it is a good time for the student unions to consolidate their vote banks. The contestants and the unions give away movie tickets, tickets to adventure parks and also organize many unofficial fresher’s parties at popular lounges with no entry fees however sometimes the crowd might not be to everyone’s liking so choose your do’s carefully.

So guys and girls, looking to start University soon the fresher’s night would be upon you. Barney Stinson’s famous words should be your signal to "SUIT UP"!