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DTC Might Introduce FREE Smart Cards Instead Of Ticket-Less Travel For Women In Buses

Delhi Insider 12 June 2019


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Creating quite a buzz in the city, the Delhi Government had earlier announced free metro and bus rides for women in the city, right? Well, from what we’ve heard, the buses in Delhi may soon issue special smart cards for women.

Special Smart Cards For Buses In The Offing? | Officials of Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) recently cited legal provisions under the Motor Vehicles Act to explain that passengers can’t travel without any tickets in state-run buses. Hence, instead of allowing ticket-less travel, they will issue FREE special annual passes or gender-based common mobility cards. DTC submitted a report on Monday, the 10th of June, on implementing the Delhi Government’s proposal to allow free travel stating that it would require an annual subsidy amount of about Rs 200 crores to roll out the scheme and another Rs 100 crores would be incurred on the orange-coloured buses.

In keeping with the legal provisions, the DTC officials have said that this might not be a good idea as ticket-free travel will not only affect the ridership data but the law doesn't allow it in state buses either. Plus, it would lead to unethical practices as the conductor could easily mess with the data by exaggerating the number of women travelling on the buses. Issuing passes and mobility cards will help in minimising the same!

The current ridership of women in the state-run buses is about 31-32% and like the metro, the corporation might have to start a registration drive for women passengers and open more bus pass counters. Did you know that ever since the government announced that it’s open to suggestions from the public, it has received an approximate of 3,800 emails? Yep. We hope this wonderful move is implemented soon!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times