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Drop By This Food Truck In Sarita Vihar & Jasola That Does Gravy Momos For Rs 60


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It won’t be an exaggeration to say that momos are every foodie’s Philosopher’s Stone. How? Well, they do give life to us gastronomes for sure and we really wonder at times what we’d do without these scrummies! So for the love of these little balls of heaven, scroll down as we have something yummy in store for you.

Gravy Momos On Wheels? Wow! | Did you know about this food truck dressed in yellow that’s been doing the rounds of Jasola and Sarita Vihar? Yep, no kidding! It’s called Thikana and this truck will surely become our legit ‘thikana’ for all things tasty. These guys whip up delish-looking grub like pasta, pizza and of course, gravy momos (our fave)!

These Gravy Chicken Momos are priced at Rs 60 only and that’s pretty reasonable, wouldn’t you say?! So head over to Sarita Vihar or Jasola and grab your platefuls right away! Everything else can wait!

Where | Thikana - Jasola Vihar & Sarita Vihar
Price | Rs 60
Call Them | +91 7777 025 024
Check Out Their FB Page |