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Drinks On Me is an App That Handily Curates a List of Places Hosting Smashing Events in The City

So Delhi 8 July 2016


We know your weekend plans are often sorted well in advance, but what about finding places to party to kill the mid-week blues? We realize it’s usually hard to find stand-up gigs, live music gigs and the raddest theatre events on a regular basis. Well, no more, as Drinks On Me will come to your rescue.

Curating the list of go-to places where the most smashing events are happening, the team behind the app has people doing on-the-ground research - so you don't have to!

So it's the only portal you'll have to sift through to find that pub hosting a rad ladies night or those hip pubs organising beer pong and theme-parties! 

So go download, discover and get booking!

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