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Down Beer, Whiskey AND Vodka @ Just Re 1 For The Next 15 Days HERE!

So Delhi 14 June 2017


Ahoy y’all tipsy trumpets! We know it’s midweek already and you’re looking for a way to breeze through the remaining week, so how about we tell you that BarOMeeter has yet again strutted to the rescue. Known for curating the craziest deals for all our partying needs, they’ve yet again raised the bar this time with this amazing offer!

Raising The Bar | BarOMeeter has teamed up with top trendy cafes across Delhi to bring you your choice of poison for JUST Re 1!! *HELL YEAH* You heard that just right! Starting tomorrow till the end of June, you can down whiskey, vodka or beer at these select cafes around town for only Re 1.

Get Your Fill Here | Kinbuck2, Taphouse Café and The Luggage Room in CP; The Frat House Café, Café High5, Elf Café & Bar and Fork You in HKV. Elation and Jon’s Head Grill in GK would be where you can avail this deal!

Don’t wait! Go on and grab this deal ASAP!

When | 15th - 30th June
Time | 12 - 8 PM
Where | Kinbuck2, Fork You, Elation & Other Cafes Around Town
Here’s The Deal Link |