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Doodle Alert : Drawing Attention to Neha Sharma of Noodles, Neha's Doodles

So Delhi 11 Feb 2016


Neha Sharma, popularly known as Miss Noodles, is a Delhi-based self-taught illustrator and cartoonist who decided to leave her CA studies and pursue her passion for doodling as her career. Her illustrations are no less than a desi dream - vibrant and lively! Read on to know all about her!

When and how did you get started with doodling?

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I used to upload my doodles on Instagram when some of my friends suggested that I should make a Facebook Page for it. One of my ‘Honey Singh’ doodles became really popular and got featured in a newspaper. That brought me my first paid project. (Paid = enough money to buy a cup of coffee). When I realised that drawing and doodling could pay my bills for life changed and I decided to do this as a means of living. So you could say Honey Singh led me to realise what my dream job was!

How would you define your style/identity of doodling and what tools do you use?

I'd say my style is very colourful and loud. You'll either love it or you'll hate it. Other than that I feel my style is always evolving. I don’t have a specific and set way of doing things. To be honest I use anything and everything I can lay my hands on. But my absolute favourites are alcohol markers and specifically COPIC and TOUCH markers.

Any artists that have inspired you over the years?

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There is an artist called LittleMissPaintbrush who I had been following even before I started drawing myself and her cute drawings were a huge inspiration for me to take up illustration as a career. Other than that I follow the works of LunarBoon, OwlTurd, The Awkward Yeti, Garbage Bin and C&H religiously.

What is the biggest challenge you face as a doodler/illustrator?

I can’t stress this enough - PEOPLE DO NOT TAKE ME SERIOUSLY! I cannot count the number of times people ask me what I do for a living even when I tell them i’m an illustrator. They always underestimate this career choice and assume I don’t make enough money which in a way is totally fine with me since I cross them off my Diwali gifting list.

According to you, what makes Delhi ‘So Delhi’?

I'd say the fact that people are so expressive makes Delhi ‘So Delhi’. If they'll be happy they'll go all out leaving no stone unturned in expressing that. There will be trucks of alcohol & blaring speakers - et al. On the other hand when they’re enraged and furious they'll be no gaali left to the imagination. We are loud and again, you'll either love Delhi or you'll hate it. No middle ground.

Tell us about any interesting/memorable projects that you have been a part of.

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I usually take up projects that I can connect to on a personal level. I recently illustrated a page for Gayzi Zine - India's first queer graphic-anthology which I absolutely loved! I was given full liberty of ideas and I doodled 5 advantages of being gay.

A piece of advice for budding artists?

Find your own style. And value your own work. Don’t underestimate your talent and price your creations any less than you deserve. It might be tough to find work initially but the struggle will teach you a lot. And when you will find work it will be worth the wait!