Dilli Glutton

Don't Wanna Leave Your Furball Home? Here Are The Best Pet Friendly Cafes For Ya!

Those puppy eyes can make you want to kill yourself every time you put on your formal shoes, pick up your bag, your keys and head for the door; your furry friend just knows you’re going out and are going to leave him behind. Again. 

And come to think of it, it is slightly unfair to lock them up all the time. It’s still acceptable when you’re missing for work through the week, but why leave them on the weekends too when they can accompany you and have a fun time rolling on the grounds and socialising with other pets? That wagging tail and excited jumps are always worth it! To help you make your weekend plans with your furball, we’ll quickly give you a list of places in Delhi NCR who have opened their gates (and hearts) to pets. Read on!