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Don't Let The Stray Animals Go Hungry As You Can Now Collect A Dog Feeder Pass



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If there’s one thing that we’ve been concerned about after it was announced that the country will go into lockdown, it was definitely ‘how will the stray animals be fed?’ Well, you needn’t worry anymore as a piece of good news has come in regarding this!

For The Sake Of Compassion | It was recently announced that dog feeder passes will be issued in the light of the present scenario. To procure these passes, the dog feeders can approach their district DCP office in Delhi and get a feeder pass issued. But make sure you start ASAP as only 50 such passes per district will be given out. 

This comes hot on the heels of concerns raised by Good Samaritans about the stray animals going hungry with a new lockdown in place. And an appeal had been made, asking the people to feed them as they don’t spread the virus but will end up starving to death if not provided for. Plus, fodder for larger animals has been categorised as an essential item and they will hence be available.

Let’s show some compassion during this taxing time!

Sourced Via IndiaToday