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Do You Know 'Bout Delhi Police's All-Women Patrol Team That Aims To Protect Ladies From Crimes?

Delhi Insider 26 July 2018


Being a woman in Delhi has come to mean constantly looking over your shoulders to check whether someone’s following you, avoiding going out after dark and certainly, no freedom! But there is a group of women who’re working hard to make the city safe and secure for us lasses. Come, read on to know more about them.

‘Cause Superheroes Don’t Always Wear Capes | Delhi Police’s all-women patrol squad is here to your rescue ladies, if you ever feel vulnerable anywhere in the city. These girls have managed to bring down the crime rate against women significantly which is really commendable! 

This all-women patrol squad is a 40-member team of motorbike-riders, that patrol the streets of Delhi throughout the day, keeping a vigilant eye on colleges, malls, metro stations, deserted roads and other vulnerable areas. And yes, their endeavour has borne fruit! They’ve managed to rescue women from stalking, molestation and other crimes in the city. That’s great, isn’t it?

The team consists of young and energetic dames, who’ve undergone days of rigorous training. All of the team members are equipped with mobiles and patrol the entire city on their motorbikes. They are also told to interact with minor girls and women, especially in deserted places, to make them feel secure and confident.

The areas that these people are especially vigilant at are Hauz Khas, GK markets, Saket, Green Park and more. Regular visits to girls colleges like Gargi, KNC, Miranda are also a part of their daily schedule. 

We’re really proud of our capeless crusaders and hope that their hard work will one day make the city free of crimes. Kudos to them! 

Sourced Via India Today