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Do We Gotta Catch 'Em All? Pokemon Go Fever: The Beginning of The End or The End of the Beginning

So Delhi 12 Apr 2018


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If ever the history of the world is written in terms of which app took over the fastest, it would have the word Pokemon Go written all over it! Unless you’ve been hibernating the past couple of weeks, perhaps you know by now that Pokemon Go has taken over minds and bodies like nothing else has; indeed, as writers around the world have been quick to point out, Pokemon Go is just the beginning! 

This augmented reality game opens up a whole new, dangerous world of virtual gaming that could redefine the experience of ‘experiencing life’ in ways you could never imagine. How so? And what does this even mean? Will walking around the city not be the same anymore, ever?

Living The Fantasy Life

For the smartphone generation, or pretty much anyone who grew up seeing mobile phones come up, Pokemon was a way of life just like Facebook now is - we sat glued to the TV as Pokemon translated in high-pitched Hindi voices opened up exciting new worlds. A few years down the line, being able to actually virtually catch Pokemons via Pokeballs is nothing less than a dream come true; to see Pokemons lurking on the grey streets of Delhi is a reality that will definitely blow your mind! 

What Does It All Mean? 

In short? Absolute takeover. People riding their scooties slowly along the roads to catch Pokemons is a frequent sight - with one eye on the phone and the other on the road, the streets of Delhi will never be the same again. 

Pokehunts and Pokewalks have been organized across town to bring together all Pokelovers so they could hunt together and fulfill a common love - all this, mind you at a time when the app game hasn’t even been officially launched in the country! Hauz Khas Village, India Gate, CP and other such hubs are so full of Pokemons that you can’t walk ten metres without finding someone yelling, “Oh my egg hatched!”. Metro stations across Delhi have become Pokestops - never before has public transport been so desirable. 

Charizard lurking around a corner has somehow beautified the otherwise grubby street ends; abundant Pikachus in certain areas will have exciting effects on the property rates; cafes have started figuring out strategies to get more and more Pokemons on their property to attract a larger customer base, even creating deals around the game!

And Why Not?

Pokemon Go has initiated a way of life that is, if nothing else, certainly healthier. People are running around parks so much more, if only for Pokemons; they are driving their vehicles slower on the otherwise maddening Delhi roads, just to secure more Pokemons; instead of breathing the stale air of an unclean room playing GTA, teenagers are breathing in the fresh air (well, as fresh as it can be, it is Delhi after all) of the open sky, just for the sake of Pokemons. 

We Will Just Have To Learn To Bear With...

…friends stopping midway at Pokestops, making special journeys in the middle of the night to replenish their Pokeballs, nodding absentmindedly instead of appreciating the greenery and the beauty of Delhi, non-stop chattering about the latest Pokemon in their kitty, walking long distances unnecessarily so the egg would hatch, realizing that you’ve been blabbering and all that the person besides you has been doing is waiting for a Pokemon to arrive!

For even when the excitement around Pokemon Go dies, we have to realize that it’s not the beginning of the end; it’s just the end of the beginning!

This article is written by Srishti Chaudhary. A graduate of literature from Lady Shri Ram College, Srishti's interests vary from writing on film, travel, politics and society. She takes life lessons every day, and her favorite subject to write on are people, as she believes that the world is going one way, and the people another!