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DMRC Will Construct A Bridge On The Yamuna Flood Plains & Here Are The Deets!



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Hola, Delhiites! This city is always developing, and a lot of steps have been taken towards modernization and the betterment of the citizens. We’re here to tell you about a new development in the Delhi Metro Phase IV plan, so read on folks!

A Sustainable Plan | The DMRC will be constructing a bridge on the Yamuna flood plains under the Phase IV project as it has been approved by the National Green Tribunal, but under certain conditions. However, the concerned authority will ensure that the Yamuna and the flood plains will not be harmed through a cumulative assessment of the project!

The committee may also set up artificial wetlands, biodiversity parks and phytoremediation leading to the river and they’ve given strict orders to carry out this project with minimum effect on the flood plains. The waste generated will be disposed of scientifically and no dumping will be allowed on the flood plains.  

This plan is all set to be implemented without any delay, and we hope no damage is done to the environment!

Sourced Via Livemint