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DMRC Is Spreading Awareness Amongst The People By Way Of Popular Bollywood Songs!


Songs are one of the best ways to spread awareness as it is quick to grab the listeners’ attention. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is surely making the most out of this tool and how!

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Songs To The Rescue | COVID-19 has surely changed the face of travelling all over the globe and to spread awareness about the same, DMRC has come up with a quirky social media campaign. These have been created by the internal team of DMRC which uses wit and tweaks popular Bollywood songs to put the message across. For instance one of the jingles goes as follows, ‘Woh Sikandar Hi Doston Kehlata Hai, Mask Pehankar Jo Bahar Jaata Hai’ playing in the background while two protagonists are seen bicycling while wearing masks. In case you’re wondering, this one is picked up from the popular movie ‘Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander’. 

Though these advertisements are only available on social media, the main aim is to spread awareness about social distancing and following all the safety protocols while travelling! 

Which jingles have you chanced upon?!

Sourced Via Livemint