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Dish of The Day | Make Your Way to Bandstand For Their Absolutely Delectable Spaghetti Pomodoro

So Delhi 12 Apr 2018


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Cozy couches, an outstretched Geisha canvas on the wall and a patio that captures the very essence of a chilled out evening in Barcelona, Bandstand is one exceptional cafe that gets full points for ambience, cocktails and scrumptious bites!

Spaghetti Pomodoro for the win | We usually head to Bandstand for their stellar line-up of  gig nights but recently we scampered in there for a lunch date and hogged on their Spaghetti Pomodoro and we can delightfully affirm that it's the kind of dish you do not forget easily!

A meal for two here would cost you around Rs 1,700.

Make your way to this charming cafe for your next date! We promise you won’t regret it.

Head On Over | 214, Aurobindo Place, Hauz Khas