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Dip Your Spoons Into This Cheesilicious Pizza Jar @ Pepsi Presents Horn OK Please 3.0

Editors 8 Mar 2018


Picture Credits: _braidsandbrownies_

Pepsi presents Horn OK Please is on in full swing in town, and for all you bhukkads who haven’t been there yet, we’ve got something to tell ya that’ll lure you straight there! We’ve all tried cake jars, but have you ever tried a pizza jar?! No, right? Well that’s exactly what you’ll find at Delhi’s original food trucks festival y’all!

Say Cheese With These Dreamy Jars | Woodbox Cafe seems to have hit the right cords for all ya pizza lovers with their INSANELY cheesy Pizza Jars and they’re carting ‘em straight over to the fest! These cheesy jars are a dream come true for all the pizza lovers, ‘cause now you can just grab a spoon and eat your pizza right out of a jar *DROOLS*.

AFTER you’re done eating (and Instagramming) these yummy Pizza Jars, you can try out Grub Campus which is serving student-friendly dishes like Maggi, momos, burgers and more mostly under Rs 200 or go gorge on juicy kebabs at the Kebab Lane or indulge in a quickie shopping spree at the Quirk Bazaar set up here.

Just BE THERE people!

On Till | Sunday, 11th March
Timings | 12 Noon - 10 PM 
Where | Gate No. 14, JLN Stadium, Pragati Vihar
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