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Dilliwaalon, Get Set To Welcome Amma's Haus, Asian Haus' Coastal Grub Delivery Cousin!

Our favourite dim sum place Asian Haus is all set to launch an all-new chettinad and coastal food delivery service called Amma’s Haus and Dilli’s Haus! 

OMG yes it’s true, so now you don’t have to specially go out to eat a scrumptious coastal cuisine meal, you can simply enjoy it in the comfort of your home. Amma’s Haus is all about coastal cuisine with a North Indian touch, which includes Kebabs, Tikkas and Keema Pao galore! 

With a smashing debut at the Palate Fest, these guys are all set to launch this awesome new venture right away. We can’t wait to make their delicious food a major part of our Netflix and chill nights! 

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