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Dilli Witnesses Colder Weather And A Spike In Pollution Levels After Rains On Thursday



Making out of the Dilli ki sardi alive and healthy should legit be listed on the special abilities category of our resumes. We mean, you can literally do anything in your life if you can brave through the brutal weather of the city. After the rains on Thursday, Delhi’s temperature dipped to 16.4 degrees which is three notches below normal! We know we crib about the summers as well, but give us that glorious sun already!

Chillin’ Like A Villain | On Thursday, the city saw the minimum temperature drop to 9.5 degrees and the maximum being 16.4 owing to the widespread showers. And along with this, Delhi also witnessed heightened pollution levels. The overall air quality of the National Capital was observed to be 281 at 4 PM up from 218 on Wednesday which puts it in the “Poor” category. On Friday also, the weather offices said that Delhi is expected to witness moderate to dense fog and the minimum temperature can be as low as 8 degrees! 

So make room in your closets to store more puffy jackets and warm coats, Delhiites! 

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