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Dilli Haat And Garden Of Five Senses Are Now Open However The Scenario Is Quite Different!

Delhi Insider 12 July 2020


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Saadi Dilli is home to vibrant and bustling tourist spots and slowly but surely these places are now opening up once again. Recently this buzzing cultural hub in INA opened up after being closed for months but the scenario wasn’t like pre-COVID days.

Now Open (Again) | Delhi Haat in INA flung its gates open again on Saturday, the 4th of July. The cultural hub had been closed for over 3 months and only a few shopkeepers had turned up with even fewer visitors. Besides the government-run handicrafts ‘Tribes of India’ shops, no other food stalls or shops were open. The owners who came in left early. To attract crowds, the government-run shops are offering a discount of FLAT 40% on all its items and the entry has been made free for the time being.

Though rent wasn’t charged for the months it was closed, they will start charging the same from 4th July onwards. However, shopkeepers have appealed to slash the rent by 50% as there are barely any visitors, which is being reviewed. Garden Of Five Senses which also opened on the same day, fared somewhat better as it saw 40+ visitors even though the canteen and the amphitheatre were closed. 

Now that these places are open would you be comfortable in visiting these places? Let us know in the comments section below!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times