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Dilli Di Shaan: The World's Largest Bhatura @ 4 Ft 2 Inches Now Holds A World Record!

City Wire 24 Apr 2017


Picture Credits: IndianExpress

Delhi is the land of chole-bhature and recently the world’s largest bhatura which is 4 ft and 2 inches long has just entered The Limca Book Of Records. Woohoo! The best bit being, this bhatura is from Delhi itself! 

In a bizarre turn of events, Leonardo Olive Oil created a Limca Record by cooking India’s largest bhatura at an event hosted in the capital. The bhatura which was prepared measured 4 feet 2 inches in diametre. Woah - now that is huge!

Bhaturas have been North Indian’s favourite since donkey many years, and it’s high time it sauntered over to make some world records! Good going guys!

Sourced Via Indian Express