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Dig Your Forks Into This Super Cheesy Tandoori Maggi For 100 Bucks Here In NSP & Noida


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Picture Credits: fetish_for_food

The two-minute-fix to our cranky mood since childhood - Maggi - is probably one of the very few dishes that we’ve grown up eating and love immensely. And in the process of growing up, we’ve tried and tested various forms of Maggi, and here’s another eatery offering you a quirky version of our good old friend, Maggi.

A Tandoori Twist To Our Childhood Bestie! | We’re pretty much drooling over this super cheesy and delish-looking Tandoori Maggi from Sandwich King! Priced at Rs 100, these guys at Sandwich King have taken our Maggi binges to a whole new level and we’re already on our way to try this soul-satisfying dish out. 

Make your way over for your plateful, peeps!

Where | Sandwich King - NSP, Sector 16 & Sector 62, Noida
Price | Rs 100
Call Them | +91 9999 516 236