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Dig Your Forks Into This Oh-So-Spicy Laphing In MKT To Quell Your Hunger Pangs For Rs 40!


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Laphing is a Tibetan delicacy that will set your taste buds ablaze with its unique preparation and the spiciness. But let’s admit it, it’s one zesty dish that you just can’t get enough of and in our quest to find the most lip-smacking plate we found ourselves HERE in Delhi. 

Laphing Out Loud! | This humble stall in front of Sera May restaurant is known for dishing out drool-worthy plates of Laphing and we just can’t stop obsessing over it. Rolled in oodles of chilli this bundle of zestiness is exactly what a Laphing lover needs to devour. This one’s priced at Rs 40 and will defo fill you up!

The next time you’re in MKT for a shopping spree, do drop by here for your share of spice and everything nice! 

Where | Unnamed Stall - Outside Sera May, MKT
Price | Rs 40