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Dig Your Forks Into The Yummy Tandoori Maggi At This Hidden Gem In Krishna Nagar


Maggi has been every foodie’s favourite go-to comfort food since those special childhood days. We’ve seen a lot of variations of this dish - be it Butter Chicken Maggi, Cheese Burst Maggi and lots of other delish types! And now, we’ve got you another AMAZING kinda Maggi to check out. Take a look!

Maggi Tandoor Se! | This place called Balaji Tandoori Chai has completely knocked us off our feet with their unimaginable Tandoori Coffee and before we could recover from that surprise, they’re back with yet another magnificent blow! This time, it's their Tandoori Maggi that has us drooling madly and we can’t wait to try it out. Yum yum!

And once you’re there, you’ve got to try their Tandoori Coffee for sure, but also go for their Tandoor Gur Chai, Maggi Masala Paratha, Chowmein Paratha and more, all of which will defo give you the ultimate gastronomic satisfaction!

So guys, wipe the drool away and rush over to this place right now and let the hogging begin!

Where | Balaji Tandoori Chai - F5/10, Mandir Marg, Krishna Nagar
Price | Rs 80
Timings | 9 AM - 11:30 PM
Call Them | +91 9599 061 698
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