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Dig Into Yummy Plates Of Paneer-Stuffed Chole Bhature For Rs 50 At This Humble Shop In HKV


For us desi folks, Chole Bhature is not just a dish but an emotion. And if you’re someone who relates to this sentiment then you’ll certainly want to read what we have to tell you.

Yumminess Overload! | There’s a humble joint in HKV that does lip-smacking plates of Chole Bhature that you’ve gotta sample when you’re in the area. We’re talking about Pandit Ji Ke Mashoor Paneer Wale Chole Bhature and we tried exactly what the name suggests. Paneer-stuffed fluffy bhaturas paired with rich chole and served with a side of salad and pickles, make for an excellent combination to satisfy your hunger pangs.

A plate here will set you back by just Rs 50 and it’s actually pretty affordable, isn’t it? Sounds like the perfect fix to our lunch scenes. 

So, when are you checking this place out?!

Where | Pandit Ji Ke Mashoor Paneer Wale Chole Bhature - HKV
Price | Rs 50