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Dig Into This Freaking Awesome OVERLOADED Thunderous Shake @ Cafe Wanderlust In GGN



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Picture Credits: thebagpackerfoodie

Designed as a travel cafe, this cute little place in Galleria has a very cozy & vibrant vibe to it! Not only this, it’s also known for its fun fusion food & freakingly awesome thunderous shakes which are an absolute must try when you land up here!

Freaking OVERLOADED AF | As exciting as the name sounds, the Wanderlust Thunderous Shake is the cafe’s signature freakshake and even though you might have to wait for a bit for it to arrive at your table, the wait will be totally worth it! 

The shake comes OVERLOADED with waffles, doughnuts, fresh fruit, sprinkles & chocolate chips making it completely decadent and sinful!

Finishing this shake is not a one man job and if you don’t try this freakshake, you’ll really miss out on something totally scrumptious. Come on by for some decadent indulgence!

Price | Rs 325
Where | SF- 53-54, 1st Floor, DLF Galleria, DLF Phase IV, Gurgaon
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