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Dig Into This Delicious Fish Fry For Rs 45 @ This Insane Hidden Gem We Found In CR Park


Dadu’s Cutlet Shop in CR Park is a hidden gem that we’re honestly waiting to go give a try to. They’ve got the most meaty of all chops and parathas you’ll ever see anywhere! 

Mee(a)ts & Greets | Arguably one of the prime attractions when it comes to CR Park Market, Dadu’s is a very old shop serving samosas, chops, cutlets, Kolkata style rolls and kachoris. Their stellar dishes include Mutton Chop, Chicken Chop, Mughlai Parathas and so much more! 

Their Mughlai Paratha, in particular, is amazeballs! It’s got a crazy meaty filling of chopped chicken chunks topped with various sauces, and then fried for five to seven minutes! Super filling in itself, this one is surely a win win! It’s just for 80 bucks per plate, so go gorge on it right away! 

And now we come to our absolute fave - their Fish Fry! A must try due to its deliciously crisp exteriors, and its ‘melt in your mouth’ interiors, it’s served fresh with chopped onions and lots of chutney, and that too only for Rs 45! 

Going by the name of Dadu Cutlet Shop, they’re almost as old as the Market itself, and still retain the same street food flavours as they did 25 years ago when they started!

Meal For Two | Rs 100
Where | Dadu Cutlet Shop - 39, C.S.C Market 2, CR Park