Picture Credits: thedesigora

We momo freaks can never get satisfied no matter how many momos we devour! And because of our irrevocable love for these yummies, we’ve got you another place where you can hop in for some really delicious momos. Cheggit out!

Gravy Momos, Anyone? | We recently stumbled upon this clandestine place in Pitampura called The Cake Bucks which serves some really yummy momos and we’re literally drooling over ‘em right now! These aren’t your regular momos which you find everywhere in Delhi as they're served with a rich & creamy gravy and are priced at Rs. 110! 

And since we know your ardent love for momos, we know that you must be drooling right about now so take off! 

Price | Rs 110
Where | The Cake Bucks - KP-09, Gopal Mandir Road, Pitampura