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Dig Into Pizza Fries, Black Ice Cream & More At The Pop-Up District At Horn OK Please!

City Wire 24 Oct 2018


Hola Delhizens! If you haven't been living under a rock, then you’re probably aware that Delhi’s Happiest Festival, Nescafé presents Horn OK Please, co-powered by MAGGI and Uber Eats, is hurtling towards the city at warp speed and we can’t hold our horses anymore! And this awesomesauce festival is gonna have a separate Pop-Up District that’ll see some amazing eateries all ready to serve you. Take a look!

Food, Food & Some More Food! | All you hungry souls, India’s largest modern day food festival, Horn OK Please, is gonna be a tiny little Christmas for you! Why do we say so? ‘Cause it’s gonna be full of food - quirky AF dishes AND yummy, lip-smacking grub! And oh, there’s gonna be an entire zone dedicated to yummilicious dishes that’s being called the Pop-Up Zone!

So in this zone, you can expect some mouth-watering dishes from famous eateries like The Bing’s & Uncle Jack’s (all the way from Chandigarh) and The Colony Bistro! So who’s up for some delish Peri Peri Paneer Pizza, Chicken Burgers and more from The Bing’s?! Duh, we all are! And you dare not miss out on the Pizza Fries, Black Ice Cream (yummy!), Nutella Waffles and more from Uncle Jack’s!

Hey, wait! We aren’t done yet. Did we mention that there’s ALSO gonna be a Kebab Gully to address all your kebab cravings, a Food Truck Park for you to try out all the quirkiest dishes EVER and a Grub Campus where you can wolf on everything yummy for under Rs 200? AND, check out the China Town zone for crazy awesome Pan Asian dishes and stop by the adventurous Experience Zone which’ll have trampolines, skateboarding, bull riding, segway rides and even a Kids’ Zone! Oh. My. God.!

Just imagine - all this hogging and shopping in an open space when the weather will be at its best at 28 degree Celsius! Oh and BTW, kids below eight years of age get free entry, so hurray! Stay glued to this space for more deets on the tickets, vendors, entry fees and more, you all! See y’all there super soon.

When | Friday - Sunday, 16th - 18th November
Where | Gate No. 14, Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Timings | 12 Noon - 10 PM
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