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Did You Know You Could Get WiFi + Reclining Chairs For Rs 165 At NDLS Rly. Station's Lounge?


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Dilli waalon, are you ready for some news that’ll bring about a huge grin on your faces? 

We hope you are, ‘cause the New Delhi Railway Station is home to a cool waiting lounge that comes equipped with WiFi AND comfy reclining chairs for you to get some shut-eye!

Waiting Shaiting Haye Rabba | So the New Delhi Railway Station has had this luxe lounge on platform No. 16 for almost 6 YEARS now! Can you beat that?! Launched as part of a pilot project for executive lounges, this waiting lounge offers WiFi access plus super comfy reclining chairs and much more for just Rs 165 for a good TWO hours *WHOAA*.

Pretty cool, eh?!

Sourced Via The Times Of India