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Did You Know Waffle Factory In Kalkaji Dishes Up Creamy & Delish Savoury Waffles Too?!

So Delhi 1 Jan 2018


Waffles are the irreplaceable love of our lives *no exaggerations*! They’re crispy and warm but if you wanna give the same chocolaty, sweet ones a break then we have some really delectable options for you. The Waffle Factory has some great savoury waffles on their menu and you've gotta check them out!

A Not-So-Sweet Love Story | Waffle Factory needs no introduction and neither do their crispy, scrumptious waffles but have you ever tried their savoury waffles? We bet you haven’t and we urge you to try ‘em all out as they’re just ah-mazing! 

The Cream Chicken & Cheeze waffle comes loaded with cheesy chicken (ofc!) topped with more liquid cheese and seasoning *yum, yum*, next they have Teekha Paneer which comprises nice teekha paneer and they also have Mushroom & Spinach and Chatpata Chicken which are just as delicious.

So we’ll just seeya there then?!

Where | The Waffle Factory - B-94 A, Near Golchakkar, Kalkaji  
Meal For Two | Rs 400
Check Out Their FB Page |