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Did You Know This MS On The New Grey Line Will Ft. A Dumbbell-Shaped Station For The 1st Time?

Delhi Insider 25 Sept 2019


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We just heard that is an upcoming metro station on the new Grey Line will be made in a dumbbell-shape which is said to be a first in the city! Here’s everything you need to know about this mammoth project.

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Dumbbell! | The Delhi Metro’s upcoming Grey Line will feature a FIRST Dumbbell-shaped metro station! Yep, this will be at the Najafgarh station where the construction work on the corridor is already complete. The new station will probably open in a month and it’s said to be the first of its kind. The new Grey Line will have 3 stations including Dwarka, Najafgarh and Nangli. 

The reason why this station was given such a shape is that there was a lack of space in the area and also it will help in decongesting the traffic over there. The dumbbell-shaped station will be constructed in such a way that the station area in the middle will be reduced. However, space for the passenger movement has not been compromised either in the ticketing area or the platform.

Did you know the Najafgarh Metro Station will be 88 metres longer than a usual metro station? Yep, this station will be 288 metre-long while a regular metro station is 200 metres and the length of the platform is 195 metres which are generally 140 metres.

Sounds like quite a walk, doesn’t it?

Sourced Via Financial Express