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Did You Know That You Can Now Even Order Essential Items From



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If you’re running low on daily essentials and don’t know where to order the same from, then we’re here with a piece of great news for you guys! Because according to this well -known fitness app you can now even order essentials. 

Just A Tap Away | is a pretty popular fitness app that offers you live workout sessions and in turn motivating our lazy bones to undertake some high-energy workout sessions. But this time we’re going gaga over the fact that they are now even delivering essential items - *say whaa*. 

Yep, to avail this service, once you’ve downloaded the app, tap on ‘Order Meals’. Under this a new screen will open that will offer you a plethora of options such Mother Dairy: Live Lite Milk, Britannia 100% Whole Wheat Bread, Chana Dal, Kellogg’s Cornflakes and more to ensure that you eat healthy every day! 

Looks pretty convenient, doesn’t it?!

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