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Did You Know That Violating The Odd-Even Scheme Might Cost You Rs 20,000 This Time?

Delhi Insider 22 Sept 2019


By now, you must’ve heard that the Odd-Even scheme is all set to make a comeback in the city post-Diwali, in the month of November. But did you know, that if you’re found violating it, you might have to shell out pretty hefty fines? 

Kidney Jokes Galore | Once the Odd-Even scheme is implemented, you’d want to make sure that you actually follow it ‘cause if you’re caught flouting the same, you might have to shell out an exorbitant fine of worth Rs 20,000. The centre has recognised not abiding by this scheme as a traffic violation under Section 115 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Previously, it was considered similar to other offences, hence the fine was of a mere Rs 2,000.

The state has the power to reduce the penalty sum but the Delhi Government is yet to give out any notification about the enhanced fines. So, for all we know, the amount MIGHT be reduced. The Odd-Even scheme is set to roll out between 4th - 12th November under which women-drivers, two-wheelers and CNG-run private vehicles are exempted.

The list of inflated fines just got another addition and you might wanna steer clear of this one. Help a friend out and tag ‘em in the comments section below!

Sourced Via The Times Of India