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Did You Know That The Penalty For This Year's Odd-Even Scheme Has Been Doubled From 2K To 4K?


While the air quality continues to degrade, the odd-even scheme is making a comeback in the Capital from 4-15 November. A car rationing scheme, where cars with odd and even number plates will go on the roads on alternate days, was started 3 years back by the Delhi govt. Scroll on to find out how this scheme is gonna work this year!

Double Trouble! | One of the major changes in this year’s odd-even scheme is that the penalty has been doubled from 2K to a whopping 4K. The obvious reason behind it is a stricter approach, to bring down the air pollution to a considerable extent. This scheme will have a bearing on the four-wheelers plying in the city. 

It will be applicable on all days 8 AM - 8 PM, with Sundays being the only exception. Women and a list of the most important VIPs of the country, including The President are excluded from the scheme as well.

However, there will be no exemption for the vehicles of Delhi’s government personnel & the Chief Minister. This time even the CNG vehicles will not be spared as opposed to the previous years!

So peeps, let’s contribute to the fight against Delhi’s silent killer and avoid paying a doubled penalty, shall we?

Sourced Via livemint