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Did You Know That The Number Of Challans In Delhi Have Drastically Gone Down By 70%?

Delhi Insider 16 Sept 2019


Since 1st September, our feeds have been filled with news and posts about the revised challans, right? Seems like it has affected Dilli’s janta a lot as the number of challans in the city has dropped tremendously in the last few days!

An Obedient Delhi | Earlier, on an average Delhi Traffic Police used to issue 16,788 challans every day, however, after the revision in the Motor Vehicles Act, the number has stooped down to just 4,813! Now, isn’t that surprising? As per Delhi Traffic Police, earlier commercial vehicle owners used to form the larger part of these numbers, however, it has now been taken over by the private vehicle owners. 

Besides, one out of every three violators didn’t carry their proper documents. The revenue collected from the challans has also gone up by five to six times the previous amount. Also, you might be able to pay some amount of the challan via e-court facility which will be active once the challans have been fixed by the court!

Well, seems like the stricter rules and amendments have played the trick on the Dilliwallas! Let’s hope it stays the same way for long!

Sourced Via The Times Of India