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Did You Know That Noida's Forest Dept. Plans To Plant Over A Million Saplings By 2021?



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Going green is the need of the hour and we just heard that the State government plans to raise the forest cover in Noida and has given the authorities a massive target which will increase the greenery in the city. Here’s all about it.

Greener Times Ahead! | So, in a round of good news, the State government plans to increase the green cover in Noida. The district forest department has been given a goal to raise 13.78 lakh saplings of over 20 species to meet the annual plantation target by 2020-21. The plantation drive that happened in the previous year saw the participation of 26 government departments and more than 7.5 lakh saplings were planted in one day.

Hence, in order to meet this year’s demand, the plan is to grow a total of 13.78 lakh saplings at 5 nurseries of the forest departments in Dadri and Sikandrabad. Plus, to check the growth of these saplings, the department also plans to geotag them. The UP government plans to raise the green cover to over 15% than the current 12.09%. 

Last year, the saplings were distributed free of cost but as of yet, there has been no such order given to the authorities. The average price of each sapling will be around Rs 3.50 and some of the species included in the plantation drive will be sheesham, kanji, arjun, eucalyptus, jamun, guava, neem, amaltash, mahua, teak, ambla and callistermon or bottle brushes.

So, what do you think about this news?

Sourced Via Hindustan Times