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Did You Know That The Dome Of Humayun's Tomb Will Soon Cast A Moonlight-Like Glow At Night?

Delhi Dweller 18 Sept 2018


Humayun’s Tomb is, hands down, one of the finest gems that our city is blessed with. Whenever we feel a little lost or when we have to take that Mumbaikar friend out for Delhi darshan, this is the first place we land up at! And now, we’re gonna have all the more reason to visit this beauty. Why? Scroll on and you’ll find out!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond | Plan your trips to Humayun’s Tomb really soon as the pretty white dome of this gem is gonna glimmer every night. So the tomb has been decorated with LED lights to beautify the place as they’ll appear akin to the dazzling glow of the moonlight and we can’t wait to see it all lit up! Once everything is put in place, the dome will be visible at night, from all directions - be it Nizamuddin Bridge, the Barapullah elevated road, the Zakir Hussain Marg flyover and the Lodi Road flyover!

Although the tomb will not be open to visitors at night as of now, you will still be able to spot the moonlight-like shimmer of this monument from afar as it’ll shine bright on Delhi’s skyline. And we’re sure, it’ll leave you spellbound!

Imagine a glow, as impeccable as moonlight, staring at you from far away. OMG, we’re so excited about this latest touch being given to this treasure and we can’t wait to fall in love with its beauty all over again!

Sourced Via Conde Nast Traveller