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Did You Know That The Delhi Police Collected Over Rs 75 Lakhs As Challan For Odd-Even Violations?



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Hello, Delhiites! The month of November was filled with repeated buzz about the rising pollution levels (not that it’s over now) and the ways to curb it. And to battle with the same, the Delhi Government had rolled out the Odd-Even Scheme and here’s the resultant amount collected from the violators!

A Tale Of Tall Figures | As you may remember, the Odd-Even Scheme was implemented in the city from 4th - 15th of November. And during this period, the Delhi Police collected quite a lump sum amount. They raked in a whopping Rs 75,24,000 from the violators of this ruling - woah. The compounding amount gathered by the Delhi Police which was given duty by the Delhi Government during the implementation of the scheme has deposited the same in the account of Transport Department and the Delhi Government.

Did you know that ever since the new amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act came into being, all the traffic challans are forwarded to a virtual court or courts of regular metropolitan magistrates? Yep.

What do you guys think about this?

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