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Did You Know That DMRC Will Reuse Groundwater To Revive A Dry Lake For Delhi Metro’s Phase 4?


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The world is moving towards sustainability, so why should we stay behind? A lil birdie just told us that Delhi Metro will reuse groundwater for reviving a dry lake in the city and all the deets about this news is right here!

An Environment-Friendly Approach | Under Delhi Metro’s water conservation initiative, there will be an effective utilization of groundwater during the construction of the 4th phase of Delhi Metro. The amount of water that will be used will thereafter be brought into play for restoring the Roshanara Bagh Lake in North Delhi. It will also be employed for maintaining the lush greenery in Buddha Park. The construction site of 5 of the underground metro stations has to be dewatered.

These underground stations are RK Ashram, Nabi Karim, Sadar Bazar, Ghanta Ghar and Pul Bangash and the work of this project has already begun. The groundwater level is high on this line and the DMRC will build a pipeline from these stations towards the lake. Bio-toilets will also be built on the construction sites along with rainwater harvesting facilities at the site offices. 

So, what do you guys think about this development?

Sourced Via Financial Express