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Did You Know That A Hidden Mughal-Era Mural Was Discovered At Red Fort's Chhatta Bazaar?

Delhi Insider 23 Sept 2018


Do you, like us, have a thing for monuments and structures hailing from a bygone era? Do you feel that these century-old walls, that have seen it all - from victory to defeat, actually do whisper ancient tales? Well if you do then read on, as we have some interesting news for you!

Unexplored Piece Of Art In Red Fort | While cleaning the ceiling of a historic marketplace in Delhi’s Red Fort called Chhatta Bazaar, the people from the Archaeological Survey of India discovered this age-old mural which is basically a Mughal-era artwork. With geometric and floral motifs, it looks magnificent!

The mural was hidden under multiple coats of whitewashing that is regularly applied for the structure’s conservation and maintenance. It was in last October that the ASI discovered this mural. The renovation of this art work will be completed by next month and it’ll subsequently be open for visitors. Yayy! 

In addition to this century-old mural, visitors at the Red Fort will also be able to see the buildings constructed by the British during their rule in India. Four British barracks, which were earlier inaccessible to visitors, are now being converted into themed museums! So cool. 

These four museums will be dedicated to the first war of independence that was fought in the year 1857, the Indian National Army led by Subhash Chandra Bose and the soldiers who sacrificed their lives in World War I.

Around 35 ASI officials are working to restore the design of the mural. Also, the Chhatta Bazaar passageway is being renovated with red stone. The doors of the shops will reportedly have sliding doors and any encroachments in the area will be removed. 

There are 32 arched and two-storeyed bays on either side of the arcade that date back to the time when the Red Fort was constructed by emperor Shah Jahan. Woah! We can’t wait for the renovation work to get over as soon as possible so that we’re able to enjoy all these new features on our next trip to Old Delhi! 

Sourced Via Hindustan Times