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Did You Know Saadi Dilli's Popular Khari Baoli Is Also Asia's Largest Wholesale Spice Market?



Built in the 17th century, Khari Baoli is a treasure trove of spices. Nestled in the musty lanes of Chandni Chowk, the pungent smell of the spices hits you as soon as you step into this crowded street. The shops here are age old and now, some of them are carried on by the ninth or tenth generations. So yeah, the stores here not only smell of spices, but also of tremendously rich history. Read on to find out more about the buzzing yet quaint Khari Baoli.

It’s In The Air | Khari Baoli is a commercial district in Chandni Chowk with numerous shops of wealthy spice merchants. Innumerable spices, a great variety of dry fruits, and all kinds of herbs one can imagine, there’s nothing you can’t find here and that’s exactly why this bazaar is bustling with visitors at all times. Walk around the cramped street and negotiate your way through, we promise you gonna find some real gems here!

Not only is this market a paradise for exporters and importers, but it’s also a photographer’s delight. Capture the raw beauty of Old Delhi right here and we promise, you’re gonna get some amazing Insta-worthy shots! 

Folks, make your way over and don’t forget to bring along your DSLRs and bargaining skills too!

Where | Khari Baoli, Chandni Chowk