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Did You Know DU Exams Have Been Postponed Until August Now?!



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The pandemic has affected students all over the globe as countless exams have been cancelled, classes shifted to online platforms, courses left incomplete and students left uncertain about their future. And we just got wind that the University of Delhi, where classes have also been equally affected, has postponed its exams.

Postponed Again! | Yep, recently DU told the Delhi High Court that it has postponed the final exams until August and it will now begin the process after the 15th of August. Earlier these were supposed to commence from Friday, the 10th of July. There were numerous petitions filed by many students who were against online examinations. This comes at a time when during a mock test, a lot of students faced technical glitches on the website while downloading question papers and submitting answer sheets.

We hope that the university comes out with a tangible solution, one that benefits students with clarity on the issue. 

Sourced Via NDTV Education