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Spot Delhi Police's Women Patrol Team Riding On Pink Scooters Armed With Pepper Spray & Batons!


The special women’s patrol team of the Delhi Police is a 16 member unit that is tasked to prevent crimes against women. And now, they wear pink helmets and ride pink and white scooters as they guard the streets of North-East Delhi. Read on to find out what all amazing changes the team has brought about!

Pink And Strong | This change has been introduced with the idea of marking the presence of women patrol on the road and to make them appear approachable. This experiment was first catalyzed in 2014 and has gone through a lot of changes over the years. This special team patrols unsafe places every day in 2 shifts. Their timings concur with the school timings and when women head over to the parks in the evening with the kids. 

Each rider is armed with a pistol and the scooters are equipped with hooters, pepper spray and batons. The team patrols in areas like Maujpur, Babarpur, Durgapuri, Nand Nagri, Dharmapura, Pusta Road, Shastri Park, Khajuri Chowk, Bhajanpura, Main Wazirabad Road, Khajuri Chowk & Yamuna Vihar. The 2-hour ride also includes frequent halts to ensure maximum safety!

We hope this initiative helps to make the Capital a safer place for women!

We pray that this initiative helps to make the Capital a safer place for women.

Sourced Via Hindustan Times