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Did You Know Delhi May Soon Get Open-Air HoHo Buses By The End Of This Year?



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Open-deck buses look pretty cool, don’t they? What if we tell you that Delhi may soon get some of its own? Well, these fancy tourist buses will soon be a part of the city’s fleet and here’s, all you need to know about it!

Semi-Open Buses FTW | So, we just heard that the Delhi Government is planning to replace its Hop-on Hop-off AKA HoHo buses with a fleet of 25 new ones. This latest armada will have partially open decks along with the addition of new routes - nice! The current struggling buses will soon be revamped buses and their fare is also expected to be priced at half of the present rates. You’ll have to shell out Rs 200 or less as opposed to the current rate of Rs 400. 

The new services might start by the end of the year which will also feature the introduction of not only new routes but even interchange facilities. These 25 low floor buses will be replacing the existing blue coloured ones which have now fallen down to just 5 as the service is running in losses. 

As mentioned earlier, these buses will now follow new routes for which 3 circular ones have been created with 7 buses running on each one. The routes will be intersecting each other at various points so that people can change their courses. The first one will cover all the tourist spots such as Central Delhi including places like Rajghat & India Gate, the second one will cover places from Red Fort to Delhi University and the third one will be through Mehrauli and other South Delhi area with tourist spots.

Delhi has a number of areas which have low-lying cables, hence double-decker buses were not a feasible option for the city. We can’t wait to hop on the new buses!

Sourced Via Hindustan Times